B----What are Barcelona $BAR Fan Tokens?

B----What are Barcelona $BAR Fan Tokens?

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What Is Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)?

Barcelona Fan Token is the only officially sanctioned Barcelona FC Fan cryptocurrency. Fan Tokens are digital assets that never expire. Further, the Memberships are like traditional memberships with the added benefit of voting on club decisions, unrivaled access to the favorite team, and unique -----------++++++++++++++++++++++ once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

According to its website, with the BAR Fan $BAR Fan Tokens give you a share of influence over official club policy through a system known as smart contract. Fan Token holders can use the Socios.com app to vote on club choices, helping FC Barcelona’s leadership make the right decisions for the team and its fans. $BAR holders have helped with selections like the mural design in the team’s dressing room, the music used on matchday, and the message inscribed on the captain’s armband. The team decides which polls to offer, but Fan Token Holders get the final say after casting their vote on the Socios.com fan engagement app. subscriptions are required.

The BAR token is used on the Chiliz Chain, a Proof-of-Authority sidechain powered by Ethereum. Proof of Authority (PoA) is a reputation-based consensus algorithm introducing an efficient and practical solution for blockchain networks. Socios.com helps sports entities achieve digital transformation through blockchain technology. The Socios.com App allows Barcelona FC fans to have a say on club decisions through their Fan Tokens. The poll is up to the club, but the fans' decision is final. In the past, Fan Token holders of other clubs have voted on a range of items, including kit designs, bus designs, official team mottos, and even starting XIs.

Holders of BAR Fan Tokens have VIP access to all home league, cup, and European matches. A few possibilities are a trip with the team to an away match or signed memorabilia to watch the match with your favorite club legend. Through the Socios.com App, users can earn Fan Rewards by participating in quizzes, games, and club decisions.

History of Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

The flash sale conducted by the platform included 600,000 $BAR Fan Tokens was held across Barcelona Fan Tokens ($BAR) are digital assets minted on the Chiliz blockchain. They exist in limited numbers, and their ownership is logged forever on the blockchain. Holding just one $BAR Fan Token unlocks exclusive perks and benefits for FC Barcelona fans, such as the ability to vote in team decisions and VIP access to matches and events. Fan Tokens don’t expire, and they don’t require an annual renewal fee. Holding $BAR Fan Tokens give you access to all the attached rewards and benefits. .

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